Download Manager YouTube Pro Review

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PROS / This software downloads YouTube videos quickly.

CONS / Downloading and converting videos is two separate steps.

VERDICT / We recommend this software to those looking for only a limited amount of file format outputs.

The YouTube Download Manager Pro application can download and convert YouTube videos to the AVI and MP3 file formats. First, you’ll have to download the YouTube video to your computer in the Flash file format. After it is saved to your computer, you can convert the file to the MP3 file format. However, this process can be somewhat confusing because the interface of this YouTube to MP3 converter software is cluttered. Also, with this YouTube to MP3 converter software you can only convert files to MP3 and AVI file formats.

While surfing the web, you are sure to encounter YouTube videos you want to save. Whether it’s the latest viral video or a corporate training video, there are some videos you’ll want to download and save to your hard drive. Once the video is saved, you can convert it to a different file format, such as the MP3 format. This is one of the most popular audio file formats. After the video is converted to an MP3 file format, you’ll be able to export the file to mobile players such as MP3 players and cell phones with this software.

After downloading this YouTube to MP3 converter, grab the link for the YouTube video you want to download. This URL must come from, it cannot be from a site where a video is embedded. Paste this address into the interface and click the icon that says “Download.” This will save the video to your hard drive.

To convert the video to an MP3 file, click on the icon that says “To MP3.” This will open a browser window where you can search your hard drive for the file you want to convert. Select the YouTube videos you have downloaded and then start the conversion process. Overall, we found this step in the process to be extremely fast. However, it took us a while to understand the software. It is not clearly labeled and it doesn’t have as many options as some other similar applications.

This YouTube to MP3 converter has a cluttered interface, and the options are limited. Unlike many other similar applications, this software can only convert files to AVI and MP3 file formats. Other similar applications can convert files to a variety of other formats including MP4, WAV and WMA. The interface has some customized settings available. These settings will allow you to change the output settings for the videos. However, it still does not have any settings for HD videos, and the highest available resolution settings are 720 x 576.

The manufacturers of this software have an email address for customer support. When we sent an email with a few questions about the software, we received a response after two days. The website does not have a section for frequently asked questions or an area of user’s forums. However, the software is relatively straightforward and it’s unlikely you’ll need to contact the customer support team.


This YouTube to MP3 converter can download and convert YouTube videos to an AVI or MP3 file format. The process has two steps and requires that you first download the video and save it to your hard drive. After it is saved to your computer, the conversion process is very quick.