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YouTube to MP3 Converter Software Reviews

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YouTube to MP3 Converter Software Review

Why YouTube to MP3 Converters?

YouTube.com has become synonymous with online videos. Some of the most popular videos have become icons of popular culture. Music and comedy super stars have come to stardom through YouTube popularity, and the President of the United States of America now releases a weekly broadcast through the website. There’s no doubt that YouTube videos are a vital part of our everyday lives.

YouTube.com uses the Adobe Flash Video technology to display videos uploaded by users. These videos include home movies, professional Hollywood movie trailers and just about any other type of video. The videos are uploaded through a variety of ways and can be different file types.

While a picture speaks a thousand words, the audio from the YouTube videos are sometimes just as important. Perhaps you've found a favorite song, or maybe the all-too familiar refrain of "Charlie Bit My Finger" brings a smile to your face. Some of the audio from YouTube videos is undeniably hysterical and memorable. This is why you need a fast YouTube to MP3 converter application.

The converter software applications can quickly download and convert all your favorite videos to different file types. Some of the best MP3 converters, including ImTOO YouTube Video Converter and Aiseesoft Streaming Video Recorder, will detect a YouTube video being played in your internet browser. All you have to do is simply open the YouTube video in your browser and start the software. It will automatically be recognized and downloaded. Next, select the output file format, such as MP3 file formats. Start the converter and in seconds you’ll have all the best YouTube videos saved to your hard drive. You can open these files without connecting to the internet and export these files to your phone or MP3 devices. Some applications, such as Any Video Converter, will download and convert multiple files simultaneously. For more information, go to our articles on YouTube to MP3 converter software.

YouTube to MP3 Converters: What to Look For

When it comes to YouTube to MP3 converter software, you want your file downloaded and converted fast and without hassle. The best YouTube to MP3 converter software has a one-step download and convert function. We also look for other options offered by the YouTube video to MP3 converter software, including the option to convert to other file formats such as MP4s.

When converting a YouTube file to MP3 you want to make sure that no sound quality is lost in the process. We checked all of the applications to see which product delivers the best quality without losing any of the fine details. We made sure the sounds were crisp and clear.

All the software we reviewed can download and convert YouTube videos. To use most of the software, simply open a YouTube video in your internet browser and then open your software. The site address will immediately be recognized. Then you select the file format output. The download and conversion will be done immediately and the quality is terrific. Some applications vary from this process slightly, but the idea and end product is the same.

After the MP3 file is downloaded you can export it to a variety of devices, or simply store it on your computer for later use. You could export the file to your phone and set it as a ringtone or listen to it at your leisure. You could also store the file on your portable music device, such as an MP3 player, or import it into iTunes and put it on your iPod or iPhone. With these applications, capturing and storing audio from your favorite YouTube videos is effortless.

We also use this features section to review the other file formats that are available with each application. Some of the formats include AVI, WAV and other MPEG formats.

Ease of Use
Some applications are more clearly labeled than others. Some have a simple-to-use interface and are easy to navigate. We look for applications that are natural to use, and we value software that can download and convert YouTube videos quickly.

Help & Support
The customer support options are limited with YouTube to MP3 converter software. However, we test the available options for customer support. We test email support addresses, user’s forums and look at sections of frequently asked questions.

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